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Gate 2023 Exams: Key tip to aid you score better in General Aptitude and Engg Maths

New Delhi | Published : June 21, 2022 (Oswaal Books)

Most of the students have the belief that aptitude is nothing more than a test that we passed in earlier classes like ratios or proportions. Most of the students say that they should not worry regarding the aptitude test but this statement is absolutely wrong. Actually, students should worry upon this notion. The aptitude test consists of 15 marks. Engg. Maths Gate 2023 is one of the most difficult tests. In every Gate question, you are allotted 2.5 minutes. There are many confusing and tricky questions in Engg. Maths Gate 2023 exam.

Marks division in aptitude test

The Aptitude test is of 15 marks and it is fixed. Aptitude helps you in your interview clearing and most of the other course exams even include aptitude tests. There are about 5 questions of 1 mark each and 5 questions of 2marks each, overall, 15 marks. Now the question arises is there any negative marking in it? Yes, there is negative marking in this that is Negative marking is 1/3 . The other problem that students face is which book to be referred to? You can look for various top authors reviewed books. They will help you in providing structured notes of Engg. Maths gate 2023.

Understand the Engg. Maths gate 2023 Exam Pattern and Syllabus.

The GATE Exam Syllabus is provided on the official GATE website; if you grasp the Syllabus, the exam will be a breeze for you. Determine which questions in the exam are worth two points and which are worth one point. You have 180 minutes to answer 65 questions, so start with the ones that are worth the most points. By repeated practice and determination you can crack the exam. You should know how to divide your time to spend on every question.

How many questions should you answer in order to get a high grade?

Because there is negative marking in the Engg. Maths GATE 2023 exam, try to answer as many questions as feasible. However, keep in mind that you should attempt to answer with confidence in the smallest amount of time. Giving more time to any one question can disrupt the exam's rhythm of answering questions. Try to focus on that one question which you are confident of scoring good marks. Do not be nervous while attempting the question. Try to solve every question in the allotted time so that in the end you have time to check your answers.

How To Prepare For Engg. Maths GATE 2023 Exam?

If you want to get a good rank in Engg. Maths GATE2023 then you should start preparing for it. Make a plan according to your syllabus before starting the preparation. This will help you identify the number of chapters that need to be covered. Divide your syllabus into difficult and easy subjects. Take sufficient breaks while studying in order to relax your mind. Set goals on a daily weekly and monthly basis. Motivate yourself and challenge yourself. Divide the subject or chapter according to the days left for the exam. Thoroughly revise everything.

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Take help from experts

For preparation, it is critical to seek the advice of a professional. Experts can help you with alternate concepts or better explanations for each area, as well as strategic grading. They will help you in solving tricky questions in exams, moreover, make you know how to divide the time accurately so that you can solve every question. You can find experts of gate exam preparation from various resources.

Points to be remembered

- As much as possible, answer conceptual questions. This will improve your ability to use concepts in queries.

- Only about 15-20 questions out of 65 are difficult, and the rest are not too difficult.

- Make a list of formulas and concepts in brief form. It will assist you in completing your revision quickly.

- Mathematics and aptitude are high-scoring subjects, thus you should try as many questions as possible from these disciplines.

- Revise the subjects during the test series, and then move on to full-length tests after the subject test. This will help you stay on track with your preparation, as full-length tests teach you how to manage your time.

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