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Preparing for an Interview

Interview for a position is a stressful situation. The more prepared you are, the better you will feel about the interview. Viewing our preinterview preparation is a helpful source.

Now that you have scheduled your interview- we can provide you with a few pointers to make your interview day go more smoothly.

A Week Prior :

If there is any travel involved in your interview schedule- it is wise to schedule your transportation well in advance to your interview day. If flying is required- it is ideal to arrive in the location the day prior to your interview. This gives you maximum time to figure out how to get to your interview, and to get a good nights sleep as well. If train or bus transportation is involved, again checking schedules and adding in time for your travels is a good plan. Also consider weather conditions and delays when making your plans. 

During this time period, also plan on what you would like to wear for your interview. Men should wear a suit with solid shirt and appropriate tie- nothing too flashy. Dark socks and black shoes should be worn. No sneakers or jeans at a formal interview! Women should also wear a suit- pants or skirt suit, which ever is comfortable. A shirt which is modest in nature should be worn underneath. Stockings and dress shoes should be worn- but what is practical for walking! All clothes should be clean and pressed, and shoes shined. Men should remove any earrings, nose rings or other piercing. Women should wear a set of earrings- one in each ear, and should remove all other piercing as well. Visual tattoos should be hidden. Hair should also be neat and businesslike, and nails clean and trimmed. Men and women should also avoid strong colognes or perfumes , if not skip wearing it altogether, just in case there are perfume allergies. Again, these are just recommendations and some firms are more relaxed than others, but if unsure, it is better to be more on the conservative side!

The Night Prior :

This is the ideal time to review notes that your have made in regards to the company, your personal resume, and to formulate questions about the company. This is also a good time to prepare your briefcase or bag for the interview- including a copy of any published work, articles or papers, a few copies of your resume and cover letter, a list of references a legal pad of paper, pens, mints and tissues. Don’t forget to bring other things like an id as well.

You can also lay out your clothes for your interview at this time- to make sure you are less likely to forget any items. And you should also make your travel plans as well- including mapping out your route to your interview and leaving appropriate time prior to your interview.

A good night’s sleep is again a very important part of making a good impression!

The day of :

Make sure you wake up with plenty of time prior to your interview. Add time in to be able to eat breakfast and even peruse your notes or the daily newspaper prior to your interview. When traveling to your interview- if you are driving- give yourself an additional 30 minutes. You can spend 20 minutes at a nearby coffee shop. You should arrive 10 minutes prior to the interview.