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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Career in Bodyguard/ Personal Security Officers / Close Protection Executives

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Bodyguards or Close protection executives are highly trained security professionals who provide close escort type of security to prominent people and protect them from any dangerous situation like assault, assassination, harassment, kidnapping, stalking and embarrassment. Mostly bodyguards are hired by high profile public figures like politicians, dignitaries, movie stars, professional athletes and other celebrities who may be at high risk. Earlier bodyguards were limited only to important dignitaries in government and defense services; but now their services has been extended to their families as well due to the establishment of organized criminal activity involving terrorist groups, and increased political conflict and violence. 

A bodyguard actually takes the responsibility of someone's life and this highly responsible job, physically demand long working hours sometimes with heavy stress and pressure. They have to offer round the clock protection to the client and must remain vigilant and constantly survey the surroundings and identify potential threats. The primary responsibility of a bodyguard is to protect their client by assessing potentially dangerous situations by means of surveillance, planning routes, searching cars and buildings or just being a close, visually intimidating physical presence. They also perform various roles and responsibilities which may involve:

Professional bodyguards with firearms permit are authorized to carry guns and weapons to save the lives of their clients. They must also be prepared to use force if necessary. As this profession involves a risk to their own lives, bodyguards are respected highly in the society for their work. 

How to become a Body Guard

Educational Requirements :

No specific educational qualification is needed for taking the job of a bodyguard.

Skills Needed : 

Strong physique and good physical condition with long endurance and good stamina is the most important requirement needed for a bodyguard. So in order to maintain fitness level one has to practice a range of exercises including body training, running, yoga etc. to keep fit.

Strong physical fitness is essential for a bodyguard, as they have to move quickly as well as run and stand for long periods of time. The most important skill needed for a bodyguard is knowing how to defend yourself and your client. A bodyguard should have proper training in various techniques like martial arts, close combat, self-defence, anti-ambush procedures, threat assessment etc, so that they can protect their client from three to four armed or unarmed assailants. They should have the ability to endure tough working conditions in inhospitable terrain, ability to recognize the signs of a dangerous situation, the courage and ability to keep mental balance in dangerous situations, the ability to adapt and improvise in different situations and know the points of exit. 

A bodyguard should be well dressed and presentable. Patience, presence of mind, functional intelligence, active thinking, critical analysis, good team leadership, keen eye for detail, calmness under pressure, good observational skills are the attributes needed for them. Knowledge of local and few national and International languages will be an added advantage for this career. 

How to get into the job of a bodyguard

The minimum age limit to be a bodyguard is at least 18 years. Even though no specific educational qualification is required for this career, it will be an asset if the aspirant is at least a graduate. 

To do their job in an effective manner, bodyguards require proper training and one can go for some specialized fitness training/ physical training programs. During the training program, they learn about close protection, anti-terrorism techniques, first aid, risk assessment, weapons disarming, unarmed combat, counter surveillance, dispute resolution, advanced driving techniques and conflict avoidance. Familiarization with fire arms, knowledge in self-defense techniques, covert operations and strategic planning would be helpful for these professionals to succeed in their profession.

Those who have training backgrounds in the security services of military intelligence, law enforcement, government security or government intelligence and other such high-level security positions have greater job opportunities.

Job Prospects and Career Options

The bodyguard industry is a tough profession and the job title and responsibilities of these persons varies regularly with the requirement of the client. Bodyguard works usually for the famous and wealthy individuals such as celebrities, foreign or national dignitaries, politicians, athletes, government big officials, wealthy business people or the families of any of these groups that may be targets of violence or harassment.

The working schedules of bodyguard differ with the employer or agency they are working for. Usually, a typical day in the life of a bodyguard begins from 5am with an hour of exercise and may last till mid-night, depending on the clients schedule. Hours can be long and they may have to offer round the clock protection. Sometimes they have to work 24 hours, 7 days a week. Most bodyguards work 6-hour shifts on a rotation basis. Their job profile also involves significant amount of traveling which means accompanying or driving their clients from place to place.

Salary for Body Guard

Remuneration for bodyguards vary depending upon the experience, location, industry standards and the type of the client they are protecting. A bodyguard can expect an initial salary varies from Rs 10,000 to 25,000 per month. Those with an arms license will get a starting salary of Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000 per month. Experienced bodyguards can earn around Rs.6 lakhs a year. Bodyguards working for political parties, VIPs or other people with high security threats against them can earn higher salaries, which is over Rs. 10 lakhs per year. A bodyguard can earn more money if they are protecting a person who apprehends a greater threat from anti-socials. They will also gets benefits like medical and life insurance coverage, paid vacations, and sick leaves.

Body Guard Training centers in India

Several security training centers are located India which are affiliated to world renowned UCCA. Some UCCA training centers are . 


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