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Monday, January 30, 2023
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Careers in Electrology/ Electrolysis

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Electrology alias Electrolysis is a unique beauty business, that is continually growing popular among women and men alike who wish to eliminate unwanted hair. Electrolysis is the method of removing hair from the face or from any part of the body by the application of heat using electric current, invented by Dr. Charles E. Michel, an ophthalmologist, to treat ingrown eyelashes. Heredity, metabolic & hormonal conditions, certain medications, temporary hair removal methods and some illnesses can stimulate hair growth. Electrolysis is said to be the only medically recognized treatment for permanent hair removal. Most areas of the body including bridge of the nose between eyebrows, eyebrows, hairline, hairs from moles, on the neck, face, breasts, chest, abdomen, thighs, shoulders, arms, underarms and legs can be treated with electrolysis.

Electrolysis treatment involves inserting a very tiny surgical needle/ probe into each of the hair follicle at the surface of the skin and applying a small amount of electrical current down to the hair root. This process actually burns the hair root theoretically preventing it from producing more hair. Electrolysis is a slow procedure and it requires several treatment sessions for up to 12 to 18 months to destroy the papilla (hair growth tissue). So it is repeated over and over until the regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eradicated.

Galvanic electrolysis, Thermolysis and Blend are the three different methods or modalities of electrolysis that are widely used.

Electrologists/ Electrolysis technicians are professionals specialized in the treatment of permanent hair removal. They use various electrolysis techniques and methods to remove unwanted hair. During electrolysis, a small amount of current or heat is discharged which destroys the hair follicle preventing it from producing another hair. When this is accomplished regenerative cells of the hair follicle are permanently eliminated. 

Electrolysis cannot be compared with laser hair removal. Generally electrolysis does not cause much discomfort. It will destroy hair regardless of its color, phase or size. But laser treatment is radiation and the device commonly used in laser hair removal treatments works by targeting a dark colored hair pigment. It may cause pigmentation problems and is not a permanent solution to remove all unwanted hair.d.

How to become an Electrologist

Educational requirements :
To become an electrologist one should have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and complete an apprenticeship or attend an electrolysis-training program that consists of both theoretical and clinical components. Electrolysis combines cosmetology, technology and medicine. So 10+2 in chemistry/ biology/ psychology/ business or speech and knowledge in beauty or cosmetology will be more beneficial for aspiring candidates.

In India, only very few institutes offer courses in Electrology/ Electrolysis as the main subject. College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) Mumbai, MLN (Moti Lal Nehru) Medical College Allahabad and University of Mumbai offers 2 year P.G Diploma course in Electrology along with Medical radiology course. The eligibility for joining the course is MBBS or equivalent qualification recognized by Medical Council of India. Some institutes such as VLCC Institute Kolkata and Xavier’s Vocational Institute teach Electrology as one of the topics in Cosmetology. Lili Scientific Electrolysis Training Academy (LSETA) in Palai (Kottayam) and Kochi in Kerala offers 3-month Diploma and 1-month certificate course in Electrology/ Electrolysis for 10+2 students. Candidates are selected on the basis of test and interview.

The Electrology programs cover topics such as skin and hair physiology, sterilization techniques, thermolysis, blend techniques & machines used, office management, and principles of electricity. By studying electrolysis, one will learn how to perform all types of electrolysis through state-of-the-art hair removal technology that destroys hair growth cells with heat or chemical energy, recognize hair growth patterns and the factors that contribute to unwanted hair growth. 

Electrologist Personality Traits

Precision, patience, steady hands, good communication and listening skills are the essential skills required for an Electrologist. Removing unwanted hair is a slow and precise process, so Electrologists should be precise, detail-oriented and have excellent eyesight and good hand-eye coordination. They should be always calm and cool while dealing with highly stressful situations, must be thoroughly professional in their conduct and attentive and empathetic to a client's concerns. Electrologists must also have a genuine desire to help people and have the ability to make the client feel relaxed, and guide them step-by-step through the process. Electrologists should explain and reassure the client about the appropriate treatment and give post treatment instructions and any personal attention they may need. An Electrologist should offer safe and comfortable electrolysis by providing accurate insertions, correct needle choice and use of current. Electrologist should ensure the level of hygiene, health and safety and have knowledge of basic hygiene and sterilization procedures to prevent causing an infection during or after treatment.

Job Prospects of Electrologists

An electrolysis is a series of treatments. Prior appointment is needed to meet the electrolysis technicians, since electrolysis treatment regimen for each client is tailored specifically to meet his or her needs. Initially Electrologists make their client comfortable and sterilize the treatment area with an antiseptic solution. Then they insert the tiny needle down the opening of the follicle to reach the papilla below the hair root. They adjust the timing and intensity of the electric current before pressing the foot switch that sends electric current into the papilla through the needle. Finally they remove the needle and then lift the hair out (not pulled out) with tweezers. After an electrolysis treatment the hair should grow back thinner and finer. It also depends how thick or thin the unwanted hair is. For instance, someone who has been waxing or tweezing will need more treatment than someone who has not tampered with the area. So the electrolysis process is repeated several times across several weeks until the hairs are permanently eliminated. Once this has been achieved, new hair cannot grow out of the treated follicle again.

Electrolysis Technicians/ Electrologists are often entrepreneurs working in private practice, or in a cosmetology setting. Qualified electrologists can find job opportunities in personal care facilities such as beauty salons and spas, skin care clinics, electrolysis firms and healthcare practitioners offices. Most health care organizations provide on-the-job training, and electrologists can begin their career as apprentice under experienced electrologists. Those with 2-4 years of experience in this field or in a related area can become supervisors or managers. 

One can open their own saloon, after obtaining some experience. It usually takes two to five years to become a self-employed Electrologist. It also requires lot of investment and one should have the entrepreneurial spirit to start and maintain the business as it grows. They have a series of administrative and management responsibilities. Time management skills and marketing knowledge are very essential. One advantage of setting up own business, is that one can set their own working hours.

The most important part of an electrologist's job is make their patients feel comfortable and to form a trusting relationship with their clients. Permanent hair removal is a very private, personal experience for clients, and some may even be embarrassed about their unwanted hair. They should feel that they are in good hands and that the electrologist would take great care of them.

Electrologist Salary 

Salary of Electrologists vary with the industry, company size, location, experience and education. Most electrologists are self-employed and can charge fee for each session. They charge Rs. 400 or Rs. 500 per session (this will vary from place to place). The duration of each session takes anywhere between 30 minutes, 45 minutes, I hr or 75 minutes. So the income mainly depends on the length of each session and number of clients they treat in a day.

Those who work as an electrologist in large salons and spas, as well as in physicians and health practitioners clinics, can start off their career with a remuneration ranging from Rs.10, 000 - Rs.15, 000 per month. Some organizations pay commission to the Electrologist for the number of clients they treat in a day. 


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