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Gynecology : Job Prospects & Career Options

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It is one of the lucrative and at the same time respectable career option for science students. Job prospects are expected to be very good especially for gynecologists with extensive experience and specializations as they plays a very important role in woman’s life. Gynecologists examine and treat many different issues related to the female reproductive system such as gynecological diseases, pregnancy, and fertility. They deal with many different conditions such as cancer, amenorrhea, urine incontinence, and prolapse of pelvic organs. Gynecologists also provide a variety of procedures such as pap smears, biopsies, hysterectomies, tubal ligations, and oophorectomy.

OB/GYN can specialise in various sub specialties like Gynecologic oncology, Urogynecology, maternal and fetal medicine, Reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Gynecologic oncology, which deals with gynecologic cancer, treats and diagnoses cancer in the reproductive system. Maternal and fetal medicine, deals with pregnancy complications. Gynecologists in this field know how to treat and diagnose pregnancy complications before and after birth. Reproductive endocrinology and infertility focus on treating infertility disorders. Urogynecology is a surgical subspecialty that focuses on surgical treatments that correct female urinary tract disorders. 

These physicians can get jobs in Government or private hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals run by defense etc. Those who have interest in teaching can work as Gynecology lecturers in medical schools or institutes. In this case, Candidates with Diploma (DGO) may have to put in another two years for getting their MD or MS or DNB to take up the teaching option, as Colleges/ institutes does not prefer to hire DGO's. One can opt for self-employment and start a clinic. One can also pursue research after completing postgraduate degree in any specialized branch of gynecology. At the same time, the field is gratifying in the sense that you assist in bringing a new life into the world.

There are immense challenges in this field. The working time can be very hectic, they must be on call even at mid night in case of emergencies and may require to work for long hours. A gynecologist needs to be very careful during the treatment procedures, as when dealing with pregnant women, one deals with two lives.


The gynecologist salary range is dependent on various factors, including the educational degree, years of work experience, place of employment and the geographical location. One can expect a high salary from the beginning of his/her career in gynecology. Doctors who practice both, gynecology and obstetrics, are generally paid more, as they can offer expertise in both the fields. For fresher at entry level salary ranges from Rs.15,000 to Rs.30,000 per month. After acquiring an experience of 4-5 years he/she can earn a salary ranging from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000 per month. At senior level salary can range in between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 per month which depends on their experience.

Obstetricians/Gynecologists who work in hospitals make more money than those working in outpatient care centers and colleges, universities and professional schools. Obstetricians/Gynecologists who work in their own private practice make significantly more than all others in this field. They charge on the basis of per visit and according to the complexity of the case.

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