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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Career in Computer Networking

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Article by : Networkz  Systems, Trivandrum

Information Technology is an area where lot of technology advancements happen in a very short period of time. As new technologies come, companies look out for people who have knowledge in the new technologies. It is in this scenario where the demand for people knowing these new technologies will be more and the supply will be less. This is when companies will be ready to pay more even to freshers in order to take new projects.

It is very important to divide various courses in the Information technology domain, and study each stream under information technology in detail. Let us first classify Information technology domain into 3 major divisions namely Networking, Software and Electronics.

Networking Courses

If you take Networking, there are so many courses available. But again if you are someone who does not know where to start, it is always advisable to start from the basics.

Job Opportunities in the networking field

Above mentioned are the basic roles that are associated with the networking field. Of course the designation will change from company to company.

Based on their experience and expertise they will be given entry level, middle level, senior level, top level and management level roles in the organization.

Educational Qualification required in the Networking field

The above mentioned courses will be sufficient for a person to enter the networking field. There are different courses for different levels.

Some certifications act as an entry point to do the next level certification. For example, you cannot do CCNP without being certified as a CCNA expert. Every certification mentioned above is important to go up the corporate ladder.

Skill set required in the Networking field :

Now let us see the skill sets that companies will look at, before hiring people. The skill sets given below will change according to the company and their requirements. In some cases, company may look for only few of the skill sets mentioned below. As you grow in your career companies will look for additional skill sets as well. The list below is not exhaustive in nature. This is basically to give you a rough idea of what is expected by companies.

What will be the nature of job for a networking specialist?

Given below are some of the basic tasks which are expected from a network/system administrator:

Apart from the above, there are many more things which can be part of a network/security specialist profile. As mentioned earlier, the roles and responsibilities will vary from company to company. However, the above mentioned tasks will give you some idea of what kind of work you will be doing once you enter the networking field.

What will be the package for a person in networking field?

U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics states that more than three lakh people are employed in the networking field in 2012. In India too, the presence of online business have been growing at rapid pace. The digital India has paved way digital payments like payment gateways of banks, pay wallets and more. As a result it is important to have this transactions secured all the times.

Aadhaar card is another move for going digital. This means not just the private companies but also the government will have to secure all the important data. This is where the security specialists, network experts and ethical hackers will play a critical role. So the demand for them has increased considerably. So the pay in this segment is lucrative. Let us see some of the sample package for different positions in the networking field.

In India, the salary range in the networking field starts from 2.5 lakhs per annum to 8 lakhs per annum.

Get trained in Networking Courses

If you are someone who possesses the skill sets mentioned above and is aspiring to work in this field, and then get qualified to become a network/security expert. All you have to do is enquire about the course from one of the leading training institute or learn it online. It is always advisable to get trained from a proper training institute that have state of the art facility for you to get the hands on experience of working in a company. All you have to do is go through the list of best institutes online and choose the one that best suites you.

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