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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Sports and Physical fitness : Job Prospects & Career Options

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Sport and fitness is a rapidly expanding field, offering many opportunities for a wide range of careers, from playing or coaching in your chosen sport to managing sports centres or health clubs. The three main options that an aspirant can take in the field are-Pursue the sport or game on a full time basis generally with sponsorship from an employer/promoter/Government aid. Become a trainer /instructor/coach for a game or sporting event. Finally use the experience acquired over years as a sportsperson to work in a related field, such as, sports journalism, sports goods manufacture /marketing or as commentator.  

Many talented sportspersons are employed in railways, government sector enterprises or with the private sector that they represent in the sporting event/game in various tournaments and matches. Nationalised banks, public sector undertakings, corporate houses and some private groups recruit outstanding sportspersons. TATA, BPCL, MRF, IOC, BSNL have their own sports team to compete in matches/tournaments.

Apart from serving as a player, those who have a passion for sports career can also work as coach, team manager/sports manager, fitness instructor, athletic trainer, sports journalist, photographer. Sports persons on retiring from active play can also look forward to satisfying jobs in assignments such as umpires and referees. In our country Spas and yoga centers have grown like mushroom in most of the urban, suburban and semi-urban areas. This area too we seek expertise from professionals in the field of Physical Education and Sport because they have best knowledge regarding rehabilitative and therapeutic modalities like Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Electromagnetic Therapy etc. Trained Physical Education personnel get priority in defence and police services with special recruitment drives.

Areas of work

Professional players- Professional players are selected from amongst those who show record performance in a number of tournaments played at various levels. Selections are conducted at the institutional level, district level, regional level and national level. Outstanding performers represent the country at the national and international level.

Coaching - Trained coaches are in demand at all the training centres and by state and central sports bodies. Sports persons proficient in particular game or sporting event can undergo coaches training in the NIS (National Institute of Sports) under the Sports Authority of India (SAI). Persons with a degree or masters degree in Physical Education are considered to be more suitable for this profession. Coaches can find openings in sports clubs, fitness centers, state sponsored associations and organizations and as in-house coaches for corporate sports teams. Now a days most of the schools and colleges also employ coaches for imparting training in specific games or sporting events. Coaches give instructions about the rules of the games, planning and precision of movements, observe players in action, and offer helpful criticism and corrective methods.

Athletic trainer- The job of an athletic trainer is to prevent, diagnose injuries and provide correct and immediate medical aid using the skills and knowledge acquired in the field as a sportsperson. Generally, athletic trainers are hired by professional sportspersons (individuals) or an entire team. It is also well known fact that behind every successful athlete, there lies the hard work and dedication of a good athletic trainer. Experienced athletic trainer can make their career as health educator or training specialist.

Sports management- It is not a requisite that one has to be a sportsman to be in this field even managerial aspirants can enter sports industry after completing course in sports management. The media explosion has helped to popularize various sports and as a result the amount of investment in the sports industry has increased. This has made sports management into a lucrative career option. This is one side of sports that helps to plan, supervise and organize all sorts of sporting activities on domestic and international levels.Various institutes in India have set up sports management courses with the aim of training individuals in the different aspects related with the field. Today, practically all successful and well-known players of sport have their own personal managers or agents who keep a track of their clients' schedules, look after activities such as their career progression, business promotion and even media and public relations. A job as a sports manager in a reputed sports management team like Tigers from India is a very lucrative job. Many private and government sponsored sports institutions employ qualified officials to plan and manage sports activities and events. Clubs, hotels, gymnasiums and sport centers also hire such people.

Fitness Sector- Today fitness is booming business and there are many opportunities in the fitness sector. Career opportunities in this field are that of fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness consultant, fitness specialist, physical therapy assistant, health and life style coordinator. They work in local health clubs, for professional sports teams, college athletic departments, private clubs, health and fitness companies, hospitals, yoga and pilates studios, resorts, amusement and recreation industry, cruise ships and clients' homes. Increasingly, fitness workers are also found in workplaces, where they organize and direct health and fitness programs for staff. Most of fitness workers were self-employed; many of them were personal trainers, while others were group fitness instructors working on a contract basis with fitness centers. Many ex-athletes launch their own companies or sole proprietorships in order to make a living as personal coaches.

Teaching - Physical education has a major role to play in the school and college system. Without physical education program we can never hope for a child's wholesome development. Physical Education occupies a dignified position in the higher education sector apart from teaching in training colleges Physical Education has been included as an elective subject in the degree course (B.A. B. Sc) level. Professionals with masters who have qualified NET, SLET, or having M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree may get job as Asst. Professor or Lecturer in Colleges. Thus with respect to job opportunity schools/colleges are lucrative and wide ranging. They conduct physical training classes, organise games and coaches students in games and athletics.

Research- There is a varied scope of research work in various areas like biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Anthropometry and Sports, Sports Psychology, Sports Sociology etc.

Equipment Managers- The person responsible for the handling and care of everything from bats to helmets is the equpment manager. This profession offers opportunities for employment largely at the college and professional levels. No special training or education is necesasry, but knowledge of the equipment and the ability to perform minor repairs is important.

Journalism- Sports Journalism is an area where the Physical Education and Sports Science experts can be worthwhile. Those with communicating skills can take on sports commentating, or sports journalism, working with television, newspapers or magazines that have a sports column or programme. Sports channel such as Star Sports, ESPN Ten Sports, Zee Sports and DD Sports have commentators, presenters, programme producers, directors and presenters to prepare and present sports programmes. They can also write books related to sports, this serves as a creative outlet for their talent as well as an additional source of income.

Photography- Sports photographers are also much in demand, particularly when major sports events are held. They cover sports events for newspaper and magazines, television channels and websites. Sports photographers are employed by sports magazines, news papers and various sports channels. A significant number of them work as freelancers. This means they are self employed and work for number of publications.

Sports Medicine- Adequate medical care is a necessity in the prevention and control of athletic injuries. Sports Physicians, orthopedists, chiropractors, sports and fitness nutritionist and Psychologist play their role in this area. Sports physicians are persons trained for prevention, recognition, diagnosis and treatment of injuries, first aid as well as knowledge of soft tissue and skeletal injuries. They must personally examine and evaluate all candidates in his sports team prior to participation to determine each individual's fitness for the same. Chiropractors do not believe in using drugs or surgery. They treat the injured athlete with heat, water, diet and massage therapy. Orthopetists treat injuries to the skeletal system -backs, necks, arms, joints and body muscles. It is not necessary that all orthopedists and chiropractors go into sports medicine. Sports psycologist study the psychological and mental factors that affect and are affected by participation and performance in sport, exercise and physical activity. It deals with increasing performance by managing emotions and minimizing the psychological effects of injury and poor performance. Diet and supplementation of the players has a major role in the success of sports. The Sports and Fitness Nutritionist knows food, the athlete's likes and dislikes and the mental as well as the physical aspects of eating right. They are generally employed by professional players, private and public undertakings, health clubs etc.

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