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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Mechatronics Engineering : Job Prospects & Career Options

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In the current scenario of technical advancement those who can handle multiple disciplines of engineering is preferred rather than one who sticks to a branch by itself. Hence, Mechatronics being an integrated new generation course has wide potential within the country and abroad. A career in mechatronics engineering is ideal for those who like to broaden ones knowledge in engineering. There is almost no product in the world that is solely electronic, electrical or mechanical in nature. This means that each discipline is blended and there is growing demand for those specialise in this interdisciplinary branch of engineering. 

Mechatronic engineering is a new focus area in engineering with wide range of application in business and industrial sector. As more industries are implementing advanced technologies opportunities for mechatronics engineers are increasing both in large, global enterprises, and in smaller, innovative companies. Graduates of Mechatronic engineering has wide applications in robotics, nanotechnology, automation, aircraft engineering, oceanography, oil and gas, biomedical systems, transport and computer-aided design. Mechatronics engineer design, develop, maintain and manage high-technology engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks. Biomechatronics is a branch of Mechatronics having electronics, mechatronics and biology as the different fields of study. Mechatronics engineering graduates may work in areas of design, research and development, sales, production management, safety, and quality. A mechatronic engineer designs mechanical devices that incorporate electrical, software and mechanical components. The combination of these three key areas has resulted in the development and design of mechatronic or smart products.

Industries entered in mechatronic engineering include automobile, aerospace, defence and energy as well as the manufacturing of industrial and domestic products, drugs, furniture and processing of chemicals and foods. The most striking example of mechatronics is the development of the Mars rover used by NASA to take samples and photographs of the Martian surface. After completing the course in mechatronics, career avenues an aspirant can get include positions such as a systems engineer, application engineer, product development engineer, quality and safety engineer, research and development engineers, project supervisors and managers in the industries and research institutes. They are expected to be employed in all sectors of manufacturing, electrical and electronics industry - from product design, manufacturing, system design, equipment and system control, robotics, automation, computer technology, quality control, industrial management, and marketing mechatronics products and services. There is also demand for mechatronics engineers in areas of research and development activities. There is chances for educators in the academic area of this multidisciplinary field in universities and colleges.


The remuneration and conditions of service depend on the industry and its function. Apart from demand for engineers working experience, qualifications, ability are important factors in determining the pay level. Most fresh engineers start at Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month, with allowances. Those with experience can command salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 per month within the country. The scope for employment and salary is much better abroad.

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