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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Music Composing : Job Prospects & Career Options

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Arriving at an idea or a melody is key in composing. It is the most difficult thing. Once you have a good melody, the arrangement and then the recording, though it involves a lot of work is comparatively easy as against arriving at an original idea or melody. 

Aspirants must understand that it is a competitive field out there. The most important thing is to create a good demo i.e a nearly final recording to present before a producer or a recording/publishing company. The old scenario where you could be heard by the producer with just an instrument and a voice has changed. Now you need to have a small set up where you have a programming software, recorder, the things needed to make a good demo. After you have made a demo song, you could get into a deal for a period of time with a publishing company. As a beginner, you may have to make compromises in the deal, but once you make a name you will definitely get better deals and options. 

In composing, there are vast area of career paths which blend creative activity with performing, teaching, administering and other musical endeavors. Various career avenues in composing are that of :

Many composers, are musicians first. Because of their musical backgrounds, some of them perform as well. They present their own music in the manner in which they intend it to be heard. 

Professors/ Teachers
After attaining a doctoral degree in this field one can opt for teaching in universities or music academies. This is one of the much honored career path which ensures steady income where other music careers might not. 

Music Copyist
Many composers have begun their careers as music copyists, either on a freelance basis or engaged principally to assist one established composer. A musical copyist transcribes musical parts onto staff or manuscript paper from a score. This makes it easier for the musician to play or sing. Copyist must have strong notation skills, training in music theory and neatness and accuracy in copy work.

Composers Assistant
Working as composers assistant, is the best way to establish connections in professional circles. Being a composers assistant makes one aware of the various avenues they can stand their own as composers.

Music journalist/Critic
Analysing and writing reviews of music is another option that a composer can opt for. With the advent of internet publications, there are many outlets for reviewers to contribute to online journals.

Video game industry
Composers can work in computer and video game industry. They write music to convey a certain mood, and games are driven by the action of the piece. 

Publishing house or recording company
Composers are hired by publishing houses and recording companies. Being with a publishing house composers get the chance to attend concerts, meet other composers and learn about the latest trends in music. Recording companies also seek to employ composers for repertoire selection, curating of their discography, and other important duties.

Radio stations
Radio stations need composers to select repertoire and work on the shows.

Work in software
Composers with computer skills can work on music software programs. Educational software for music theory, ear training, or performance-based software, is a growing market with a need for trained musicians. Internet-based media  also employ composers.

Administration (presenting)
Many music organisations, orchestra and opera company need knowledgeable people to work for them in their task of presenting concerts. Organisations that sponsors, advertise or even fund concerts hire composers to administer the program or task. Administration side of such organizations involves marketing, accounting, legal, education, etc.

Advertising Companies
Composers may find a surprisingly lucrative career in advertising and commercial music. Advertising company exist in almost all cities. Composers can work on freelance basis in advertising companies.

Film &Television media
Composers can find work in film and television media. For documentaries and film, composers are required to create music.

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