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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Career in Computer Software

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Article by : Networkz  Systems, Trivandrum

Information Technology is an area where lot of technology advancements happen in a very short period of time. As new technologies come, companies look out for people who have knowledge in the new technologies. It is in this scenario where the demand for people knowing these new technologies will be more and the supply will be less. This is when companies will be ready to pay more even to freshers in order to take new projects.

It is very important to divide various courses in the Information technology domain, and study each stream under information technology in detail. Let us first classify Information technology domain into 3 major divisions namely Networking, Software and Electronics.

Software Courses

Software field is always the sought after subject by most of the students. However in recent times the craze for this domain has come down. This is mainly due to high fluctuations in the software job market. However software still is the leading job provider. Being in the digital world we cannot ignore software.

In fact, Software has become part of our daily life be it your smart phone, travelling, ticket booking, food ordering, social media and so on. For all this to happen, some where someone has written codes to make our daily life simpler and easier. So you can be rest assured that software field will always be there and you don’t have to be worried about it.

As aspiring software professional you need to keep your mind open to learn new technologies. This is one of the main criteria for you to stay in the software field for a longer period. At the same time learn the technologies that are relevant to your domain of specialization. Let us now look at the kind of job opportunities available in the software field.

Job Opportunities in the Software field

The above mentioned are the designations that we generally come across in the software industry. Some companies come out with creative way of giving designations to their employees. Even though the designations change the roles and responsibilities remains the same. As usual there will be entry level, middle level, top level and management level roles in every organization.

Educational Qualification required in the Software field

If you take software education there are so many courses available in the market. But you have to choose the ones that are in your domain of interest. Let us see the hot courses in the software field.

The above mentioned courses are more relevant for today’s market. Some courses are complimentary whereas some are totally for a different platform. You should choose one platform and keep upgrading in that particular platform to become an expert.

Skill set required in the Networking field :

Every job role requires specific skill sets to succeed in your career. If you know the skill set well in advance, it is easier for you to decide whether you have those skill sets or not. If you desire the job but if you do not have those skill sets, you should find a way to know whether you can develop it. If you feel you can develop it, then go for it. Now let us look at the skill sets that are very critical for software professional.

What will be the nature of job for Software Professional?

Software engineers are the back bone of any software company. They are the ones who develop software and create systems for them as well as for their clients. But have you ever wondered what a software professional on a daily basis. Given below are some of the basic tasks which are expected from software professional:

The above mentioned are some of the various tasks assigned to a software professional. Not all tasks are applicable for all. It depends on what designation that particular person holds. The given list will give an idea of the expectations from software professionals.

What will be the package for a person in Software field?

With India moving totally to digital both private and public sector, it has become all the more important to develop software systems to run the entire system smoothly. Earlier the software companies were totally dependent on overseas clients for new software projects. Now the demand for software development in our country has grown really big. Another trend that we can witness in India is the start-up growth.

Indian government’s initiative of “Make in India” has made many youngsters and experienced people to venture on their own. With government’s support and private investor’s funding we could see a huge number of entrepreneurs coming out with innovative business ideas. Most of the start-ups belong to the technology industry. More technology companies have created more job opportunities for software professionals. Since these companies wanted to run their companies at a faster rate they pick the best talent at additional cost. According to Inc42’s annual indian startup funding report 2016, Technology companies relating to different domains like health, finance, ecommerce, education comprises to 50% of the total funding. You can view the detailed report here..

In India, the salary range in the software field starts from 3 lakhs per annum to 12 lakhs per annum. This is based on combination of data taken from sources like payscale website, indeed and glassdoor website.

Get trained in Software Courses

If you are someone who find the above skill sets and job responsibilities interesting then software should be your chosen field. At the same time, you need to be equipped with the required software knowledge to get selected by big companies. So it is important for you get trained from a good training institute. Do not go for an institute just for the sake of pricing. Do enquire about them from past students, placement record, years of presence and more. If you are confused about where to study, then all you have to do is go through the list of best institutes online and choose the one that best suites you.

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