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Painting : Introduction

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If you are one of those who is artistically inclined and have a creative mind to put down your thoughts or feelings as drawings or paintings, you could seriously consider taking up a career in painting. But an artists field is very competitive and takes a lot of hard work, determination and overall perseverance to succeed. You need immense talent for creating original, unique pieces of art to be a successful painter.

Painting is an art in which colours and lines make a visual impression. It is the means of expressing ones ideas or feelings to others in pictorial form. Painting not only mean the traditional paintings on canvas, but also on glass, ceramic, pot, fabric etc as well as it could be using different paint mediums such as watercolor, pastels, oil etc. Not only brushes but knives, spatula, nibs and even twigs could be used for painting designs.

Taking up painting as a hobby is one thing but taking it up as a career is a different thing altogether. For making a living out of painting, not only talent but also an ability to market yourself, make people want to buy your products is of utmost importance. Once you decide on a career in painting, you can try out the different styles or mediums to work with, get trained, specialise in a particular style, or develop your own unique style.

Painting as an art form has flourished in India since prehistoric times as is evident from literary sources and also from the remnants that have been discovered. Bringing about a reflection of religious beliefs, political events and social customs, Indian classic paintings offer a beautiful record of centuries and provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from the early civilization to the present day. Indian paintings especially the Miniatures, murals, Thangka, Madhubani, Warlis, Tanjore and various other styles are considered as masterpieces of Indian art.

Comparatively, painting as an art piece is appreciated by more and more people these days as against a few art connoisseurs earlier. Moreover paintings are in vogue these days, for decorating interiors. With more and more art galleries coming up in metro cities in India, budding painters have a platform to display their works while the lay man has an opportunity to view the paintings and buy a piece or two.

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