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Offbeat/ Unconventional Careers

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Years back when we ask students what they will become when they grew up, the answer would be a Doctor, Engineer, Teacher or Lawyer. These traditional careers were considered respectable and more acceptable by the society. But today though these conventional careers mentioned, are still in vogue, students have much more challenging and lucrative choices ahead of them.

Youngsters today are more open to take up alternate careers or thrilling jobs.. The reason could be that the traditional careers have become so expensive, and competitive as more and more people opt for them, and finding jobs is not as easy as before. Earlier though they may be interested in other fields, they are forced to take up traditional careers because of pressure from the family.

There may be less competition when one takes up a field they are interested in and a greater chance of getting recognized and being able to make a difference. Though Offbeat, these careers may give you great satisfaction, flexibility of work, opportunity to prove oneself and handsome pay package. The most important aspect being able to do what you really love and at the same time make money out of it. In most cases, you don't have to spend years to be qualified in the area, what you need is 10+2 and a certification in the respective field along with your own innate talent.

In this article, we come to know about some offbeat careers open to this generation.


Wine Taster /Sommelier

Falls under food and beverage department of hospitality and tourism industry. Sommelier is the person that patrons will summon for sensitive and intuitive wine selection advice based upon their tastes, dining choices and budget.

Tea Taster

As the name says Tea tasters differentiate between the various flavours of tea.


A chocolatier is an expert who makes confectionery from chocolate. A chocolatier is a type of chef that specializes in chocolate and can craft a wide range of ridiculously tempting chocolates.


Bartending as a career falls under the food and beverage department of hospitality and tourism industry. The work includes creating and demonstrating cocktails and mocktails using alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages/syrups and much more.

Pet grooming

Pet groomers are the beauticians of the animal world. Pet grooming is an interesting and rewarding career field for those who have fondness for animals.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainers are known by different names Aerobics instructor, Clinical exercise specialist, Gym instructor, Personal and Corporate trainers. Fitness Trainer is a person who looks after the issues concerning the health and physical fitness of his/her clients.


If you love marine life and get excited at the idea of spending hours deep inside the ocean, it will be worthwhile to try this as a profession.

Creative writing

Creative writing is the writing in which a writer aims to express his/ her emotions, feelings, imaginative ideas and thoughts, through prose and poetic verses

Event Management

This career is for those who have a genuine passion for conducting events and good organising ability.

Video Jockey

Video jockeying is an exciting career option for the music crazy generation.

Radio Jockey

Radio Jockeying is an exciting, promising and challenging career for those who have a passion for music. It is the only profession in which one may be recognized by their voice.

Image Consultant

Career as an Image consultant is one of the hottest career field today. Also known by such titles as wardrobe consultant, fashion stylist, or makeover consultant. Image consultants are professional makeover consultants that advise you on the way you can enhance your look.

Game designer

Most of us love to play games and spend hours on end playing games. Gaming is one of the largest segment of the entertainment industry and a multi billion dollar one, flourishing widely across the world.

Ethical Hacking

In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cyber crime cases on the Internet like hacking email accounts, stealing and intercepting sensitive data, password attacks, abusive emails etc. this has increased the demand for ethical hackers who are our saviors.

Wildlife Photography

If you're a photographer who is fascinated by animals, nature and enjoy travel, Wildlife/Nature Photography can be an ideal career for you. It can be taken as part of ones hobby as well as a profession.

Adventure Tour Operator

This can be a right choice for those who love adventure and travelling. The work is similar to that of regular tour operator.

Food critic

AIf you have a good taste bud and the ability to convert these taste experiences to words, its the right choice for you.

Hair Stylist

If you are looking for a rewarding career in cosmetology and creating new hairstyles for people sounds interesting, then becoming a hairstylist is your right path.

Fashion choreography

If you are one of those who love to be in the world of fashion and glamour and at the same time be creative, you are apt for a career in fashion choreography. Fashion choreography is also known as Catwalk Choreography.


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